Modeling and Resource Estimation

Tools and experience in deposit modeling

We count on professionals with wide-ranging experience and also count on the necessary tools (LeapfrogGeo, Vulcan) for deposit modeling.

We combine information about the surface (mapping, sampling, structural data, etc), geophysical surveys, images, 3D topography in order to generate preliminary geologic models upon which we can design and optimize pattern drilling exploration.

We use this exploration information to design detailed geologic models.

On the basis of data exploration, we apply statistics analysis, geostatistics and build block models, key tool for resource estimation and basis for the planning stages of a mining project.

We make resource estimation revising preexisting deposit models (audit and data validation according to international standards) or generated by OctansGeo, in both cases, the result of these estimations will be presented following the international code for the report and categorization of Reserves and Resources.